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Machane machu song lyrics Honey bee movie

Machane machu song lyrics Honey bee movie
June 16
08:16 2013
- Info -
  • Movie:Honey Bee
  • Year:2013
  • Music:Deepak Dev
  • Singers:
  • Lyrics:
-Movie description-
Movie is about friendship between youngsters. Story takes place in Fort Kochi
- Cast and crew -

  • Asif Ali – Sebastian
  • Bhavana – Angel
  • Baburaj – Fernando
  • Sreenath Bhasi – Abu
  • Archana Kavi – Sara
  • Balu – Ambro

-Machane machu song lyrics-

Machane machu_ song lyrics_ Honey bee _movie

Machaane machane machu
Machaane machane machu

Machaane machane machu

Machaane machane machu

By fallsil foreignerakenda njan machane

by mistake kochiyil born ayipoyi machaane
by roadil ividunnu skape akam machaane
by passethumbol age over akum machu
why feeling saad  buddy 
forget that way buddy
not only road buddy
but also river buddy
skoot ayikko machanee machane machu
skoot ayikko machane shipundu machu
skoot ayikko machane boatundu machu
escapitto machuva noorundu machu
machanee machane machu(4)
Tatayo birlayo aakenda njan machane
kaatu poyi karalu poyi flip ayi poy machane
white housil nice ayi urangenda njan buddy
light housin thazhe mousquito bite aatu buddy
why feeling sad buddy mousquito good buddy
not only bite buddy but also singing buddy
flat ayiko machaane beachundu buddy
sleep ayiko veesanee katundu buddy
koorkam vitto kelkanee njanudu buddy
eascapitto thooranelethy ready
This is kochi son,let’s have some fun
better get your stick and smoke it up
gotta hold at end when you pass it on
or else you will get burnt and
fill on stand and show comes gone
When you flip in on  bit and dance in on
this is kochi kochi
when you moving on the sun is out
hey bro want come on…
Keladi ninnedi njan kettunna kalathu
noorinte nottennu padiya kochiyane
Vayinte pattile kochiyen machaane 
Kaathine all play this is happen machaane
Forget all cool buddy, simply chill buddy
not only adipoli but also polichadi
trip ayikko tripakan stuff undu buddy
slip ayiko flipaakan  fullundu buddy
kick ayikko kickakan chicksundu buddy
escapitto feelakkan cops ethi buddy
scoottayikko machaana machane machu(2)
escapitto  machaana machane machu
ha ha ha that’s kochi…

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous July 10, 02:35

    nice x-)

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  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous September 27, 16:18

    Not only adipoly.. but polichadi…..!! :d :>)…

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